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Application Management Services

Our Application Management Services provide ongoing support and continuous development of your applications. We adapt applications to specifically meet the individual needs of companies and continually develop them to meet further demands.

As an Application Service Provider we rollout standard software i.e. Microsoft Office on scalable operating platforms which are proactively monitored and then continually serviced by our Service Desk.

Though our Application Hosting, we ensure smooth operation of individual software and manage the entire software update process based on the customer infrastructure or in the DATAGROUP Data Center.

DATAGROUP’s complete end-to-end monitoring enables us to proactively rectify bottlenecks and disruptions.

Not only are our software specialists in charge of operating and monitoring individual and standardized applications, they are continually on top of developing your applications further. In order to do this, we carry out precise needs analysis, design tailor-made solutions and implement these in your software applications.

DATAGROUP Application Management Services are based on standardized processes that are certified according to ISO 20000.

Application Management Services

  • Provisioning and operation of standard and customized software
  • Process-oriented approach based on ITIL and best practices
  • Application monitoring
  • User support and reliable processing of inquiries, orders and disruptions
  • Support of Change Management Processes
  • Adaptation of applications to individual requirements
  • Continuous development of applications

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