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Continuity Services

As part of IT Outsourcing, DATAGROUP Continuity Services combine procedures and measures to enable companies to act quickly and prevent any further harm or damages.
In response to threats and disasters three objectives are followed:

  • Preventive measures to avoid downtime of IT services.
  • To minimize the impact of disasters through disaster recovery plans.
  • To restore critical business operations as quickly as possible.

The basis of all planning is to define company-specific minimum requirements for the IT availability which has to be fulfilled in the event of a disaster. Based on this, we plan all the necessary mechanisms and regularly test and review their effectiveness.
The emergency plan includes all procedures and measures in order to maintain the necessary availability of IT services in the eventuality of a disaster. The technical and organizational instructions to restore regular operations are also included in the emergency plan. The core of the emergency plan considers four aspects: end- to-end availability of services, access to services, service response times and links to other services.

For each emergency plan we regularly assess current risk management systems and test the planned measures for effectiveness, feasibility and efficiency. This includes reviewing partner agreements (e.g. remote data centers), checking delivery channels for replacements and implementing recovery tests as part of the planned maintenance window.

After successful implementation of the disaster recovery plan and normal operations have been restored, we carry out a review to examine the measures necessary to mitigate harm or damage in the case of future emergengies. We also evaluate the usefulness and efficiency of all phases of the current emergency plan, starting with identifying the emergency right up to restoring normal operations.

The DATAGROUP Continuity Services are based on standardized processes that are certified according to ISO 20000.

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