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End User Services

The IT Outsourcing services offered by our End User Services include IT Management of workstations and complete user support which include client management, on site suppport and IMAC services.

Our Client Management includes automated software maintenance and continuous monitoring of IT workstations against malware programs. To ensure stable and secure operations, we remotely monitor operations, identify critical issues and resolve undefined system statuses.

End User Services On-site Support solves IT problems locally and provides for the rapid recovery of IT workstations, printers and other peripheral devices. Our service desk manages our on-site technicians giving you a single point of contact to ensure direct and effective support and communication.

The DATAGROUP End User Services cover the complete IMAC process (Install, Move, Add, Change). We manage the entire life cycle from start to finish including procurement, rollout, continual upkeep and maintenance, as well as disassembly of the devices. Our End User Services enable companies smooth hardware changes, system expansions or relocation of IT departments without daily operations being affected.

Our rollout experts have many years of experience in national and international projects. With their expertise and experience we are able to equip our customers’ staff and employees with all the necessary IT components in the shortest period of time.

The DATAGROUP End User Services are based on standardized processes that are certified according to ISO 20000

End User Services – IT Support for IT workstations

    • Centralised client management
    • Central Management Software
    • System monitoring
    • On-site service for IT problems
    • Installation, expansion and relocation of IT workstations
    • Warranty management
    • Repair and spare parts supply
    • Removal and disposal of devices and equipment
    • BSI-certified secure data deletion
    • Procurement support (incl. evaluation, receiving and unpacking of goods)
    • Rollout of IT workstations

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