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Monitoring Services

All IT Outsourcing Services which are based on customer-specific SLAs are monitored by advanced monitoring tools and maintenance cycles. We continually monitor performance, capacity and security status of networks, services, applications and data for all our customers. We can identify bottlenecks or disruptions and rectify them before they reach IT users. Our Monitoring Services fall under three fundamental criteria:

Availability Management

The starting point for Availability Management is the defined availability requirements of our customers. We model availability of your IT systems and services and customise them to your wishes. A key factor in Availability Management is the continuous monitoring of all relevant components and services, which is ensured through regular status checks and preventive maintenance. With the support of our monitoring system and defined control tasks, we check the technical availability, both automatically and manually, to make any necessary adjustments.

Capacity Management

The focus of Capacity Management is to provide capacity for IT services in the volume and quality agreed upon. To determine capacity requirements, a number of factors are considered- current situation, expected development, and any known future requirements. We monitor and update resources as needed which include, for example, continual threshold monitoring of computing and storage capacity as well as keeping track of any changes in capacity. We are able to counteract capacity bottlenecks early and ensure the availability of services.

Security Management

To guarantee availability, trust and integrity of data and information, we monitor the underlying IT infrastructure and identify security threats at an early stage. We also regularly check the effectiveness of our security measures to ensure IT security. DATAGROUP IT Security Management is based on established processes and procedures guaranteeing the effectiveness of all measures.

The DATAGROUP Monitoring Services are based on standardized processes that are certified according to ISO 20000.

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