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Printing Services

Through IT Outsourcing of print services, printing and copying costs can be optimised. DATAGROUP supplies businesses with printers and multi- functional devices, provides comprehensive on-site support and manages additional accessories and supplies.

After conducting a comprehensive needs analysis we design a tailor-made printing infrastructure and choose suitable devices, independent of manufactures, for all your requirements. We manage all of your multifunction workstations, including equipment rental, supplies, maintenance and on-site support. This ensures that costs are transparent and can be exactly calculated from the onset. The uniform infrastructure also simplifies maintenance.

DATAGROUP Print Services manage the entire life cycle from start to finish. This includes rollout, upgrades, modifications, relocation, environmentally safe disposal and recycling of all the components used. By continuously monitoring the equipment we see any maintenance requirements early on and can supply you with consumables more accurately. Through our continuous service and monitoring, downtime and interruptions in workflow are avoided.

DATAGROUP Printing Services are based on standardized processes that are certified according to ISO 20000.

Printing Services: Managed Print Services throughout the entire life-cycle

    • Printing Output Management
    • Consumables Management
    • Rollout, upgrades and modifications

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