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SAP Services

SAP IT Outsourcing services include operations, service and maintenance of SAP systems.

DATAGROUP Operating + Hosting Service not only offers companies basic SAP operations, monitoring and backup of their SAP systems, but also installation and operation of a fully virtualized IT infrastructure from the DATAGROUP Data Center.

Support and the management of entire SAP landscapes is our core competence. Flexible operating models make it possible to quickly adapt service packages to changing customer requirements. Previously installed IT resources can always be adapted to meet current demands.

We have a long track record in the introduction, migration and operation of SAP HANA infrastructures. Over 100 HANA experts, including more than 60 employees with the respective SAP certification look after the systems of renowned international and Mittelstand industrial companies. They secure operations of more than 140 SAP HANA databases. The data volume of these operated databases amounts to more than 200 TB. With HANAflex, our DATAGROUP Data Center offers our customers a flexible and scalable environment on a shared HANA infrastructure as well as dedicated solutions.

Within SAP Application Maintenance + Support we support the key users of our customers in the use and development of SAP application landscapes.

DATAGROUP offers companies SAP EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) implementation. We operate various shared data exchange platforms on which partner profiles are implemented.

For an optimal integration of SAP processes and relevant financial documents a professional SAP Archiving system of documents and data is required. This is provided through our shared archive platform where data archive is placed in either primary storage or audit compliant long-term storage.

DATAGROUP SAP Services are based on standardized processes that are certified according to ISO 20000.

SAP Services: SAP Hosting and Support

  • Operations and monitoring of SAP Services
  • Application services and support
  • Certified Data Centers in Germany

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