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Quality assurance


DATAGROUP offers a complete and well-proven portfolio of document scanners to enter handwritten information into systems, extract the data and to securely archive the haptic characteristics of the original documents. Our products and solutions produce both matching probe cards and forms. Extensive interfaces allow all data to be smoothly exported into the desired systems: whether SAP, CAQ or CRM. This saves companies time and costs, reduces error rate and significantly increases process quality.

All DATAGROUP solutions for the automated entry of handwritten information is based on over 20 years of experience in the field of quality management and scanner technology. Through continuous developments, often just by a simple setting of parameters to suit sector-specific requirements , our products meet the changing needs of our customers and always fit their respective requirements.


  • DATAGROUP Document Generator QS
    The document generator QS is a program system for statistical process control by means of hand-held machine-readable test cards.
  • DATAGROUP Document Generator CAQ
    The Document Generator CAQ is the detection component for hand-held machine-readable test cards within a CAQ system.
  • DATAGROUP form interpreter
    The DATAGROUP form interpreter makes the entry of paper-based user data possible in an IT system.
  • DATAGROUP form interpreter for PDF files
    The DATAGROUP form interpreter for PDF files makes the entry of user data from PDF files possible in an IT system.