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Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is the evolution of the value chain process through digitisation and networking. Companies and their industrial processes need to adapt to this rapid change if they want long term growth and don‘t want to be left behind. However, many companies are just at the beginning of the “Smart Factory” vision. DATAGROUP, as an enabler, helps customers bring individual components together to form an integrated concept to increase the efficiency of added value through networking.

During the early development stages of 4.0, we implemented 4.0 approaches together with our customers.

DATAGROUP offers you a modular concept, which successfully links classic corporate IT with Industrial Control Systems (ICS). A portfolio of ISO 20000 certified services provides solutions for various areas of activity in the manufacturing and production environment.

In addition to production IT, the following topics are often cited as key enablers for industry 4.0:

IT Security

Embedded systems allow direct access to central production facilities. Thus, security will be one of the central tasks of the production department in the future. Security services are an inherent part of each CORBOX service, making the protection against unauthorized access as well as ensuring the integrity, operations and regulatory compliance DATAGROUP’s top security objectives.


Location-independent access to corporate data and applications is becoming increasingly important in Smart factories. The Mobile Solutions division specializes in app development for custom mobile corporate applications. Our Mobile Solutions team supports you from strategic consulting to web and app development as well as taking UX into account and including systems integration, operation and hosting in its portfolio.


The Smart Factory has created a new understanding of data processing within production. Data Center Services from DATAGROUP Data Centers in Germany offer centrally managed virtualization and storage platforms. Our cloud services are based on powerful, highly available infrastructures in ISO 27001-certified data centers. The ISO 20000 certification documents the high quality of service processes.

Big Data

The evaluation of data for automation, visualization and analysis will play a central role in the control of Smart value chains.
In our Big Data projects, BI systems are designed, implemented and operated. Suitable big data architectures, independent of manufacturer, are developed and integrated into existing BI landscapes. This includes data warehouses, ETL tools and frontends.


Simple communication is the key for networking. Live interaction is increasing and will become even more important in our networked working world. DATAGROUP’s Services Communication + Collaboration division allows customers internal and external interaction through various channels.