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Integrated Logistics Solutions


High reliability, optimal maintainability and high system reliability are required in industrial and military applications. To meet these requirements intelligent strategies are necessary to ensure maintenance and spare parts supply.

To optimally support technical systems, it is necessary to provide the right material in the right quantity at the right time and at the right place. With the software family ILS suite and specific solutions for military standards, we offer modern IT solutions which exactly match this requirement.

All solutions are based on the proven management method- Integrated Logistics Support (ILS). ILS synchronizes the company’s needs with the resources it has. As an overall process, ILS optimizes the maintenance and spare parts supply of technical systems throughout their different life-cycle phases. This opens up great potential for the logistics.

Structured analysis of each phase make it possible to increase both the quality and the efficiency of supply chain processes. Above all, the product development phase provides opportunities to define maintenance strategies and logistical support tasks early on and therefore improving supply processes and overall technical systems.


  • Reduction of long-term operating costs and increased reliability
  • Maximizes availability
  • Overview of the logistics data from multiple projects and audits
  • Supports MIL STD 1388-2B
  • Import checks ensure data integrity
  • Content-driven reports
  • Comment management
  • Calculation of direct maintenance costs
  • Reduction of life cycle costs


  • Consulting for ILS processes
  • Implementation of DATAGROUP ILS software solutions and interfaces
  • Optimal operation of the solution
  • Specific solutions for military standards
  • Operation of ILS processes as a full service