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IT Landscape Transformation

DATAGROUP leads companies through all phases of an IT transformation. We aim to quickly transfer isolated, separate or mergedIT landscapes into self-contained, functional IT landscapes without any data loss.

In the course of national and international business transformations DATAGROUP has planned and carried out numerous IT carve-outs, IT splits and IT mergers. Our experts know the environment and corporate change management aspects and are quickly able to deliver effective and viable solutions.

Due Diligence

Within the framework of IT Due Diligence throughout the sales process, DATAGROUP helps companies to adequately factor IT in Sales & Purchase price agreements. We also assist companies in ensuring IT services after contractual closings as well as help them lay the basis for an efficient transition and successful future operations. DATAGROUP analyses transforming IT landscapes and collects all the necessary data and information to specify and regulate critical IT issues when drafting contracts.

Many years of experience in national and international transformation processes has enabled our experts, not only to predict the consequences of a corporate transaction for IT landscapes, but also to develop intelligent measures to harmonize, optimize and increase the cost efficiency of IT landscapes. The results of IT landscape due diligence include:

  • Inventory of existing IT landscapes
  • Initial target architecture to assess the relevance of IT assets
  • Requirements for Transitional Service Agreements (TSA) for IT services in a transition phase
  • IT transformation roadmap with cost indication for reliable calculations
  • Identification of critical success factors in IT that are possibly conditions for M&A closing transactions


When designing future IT services, the target architecture and an optimal transition procedure are the major factors for successful IT transformation. IT Landscape designs aims to devise fast and cost-effective self-contained and fully functional IT landscapes. As a result, DATAGROUP IT Landscape Design provides an integrated design and procedure for IT Landscape transformation and future operations. Our designs are always geared to the individual needs and business requirements of the company.

Carve Out

A successfully implemented IT carve out or split is often the crucial step in the realignment or separation of a division.

DATAGROUP leads companies through IT carve-outs and IT splits while increasing transaction security and placing great emphasis on maintaining daily operations of their customers with as little disruption as possible.
Our transformation experts know what individual transition steps to follow within the available framework conditions and migration periods, e.g, multistage carve out or split approaches, and the temporarily parallel operation of landscapes. We take on a sensible approach and know which “pitfalls” can occur in the implementation of individual transitions.

The wealth of expertise of DATAGROUP consultants does not only consist of technical knowledge and project management expertise in major interdisciplinary IT projects. DATAGROUP consultants also possess extensive Change Management experience, which is vital for successful business transformations.


IT landscape mergers do not only require excellent organizational and technical support. DATAGROUP ensures that the consolidated IT landscape combine the best of the respective IT landscapes. The focus is always on how the consolidated corporate IT must be designed to cost-effectively and sustainably support the organization and processes of the consolidated company. At the same time DATAGROUP applies targeted measures to achieve not only acceptance, but solid support for the new IT landscape within the consolidated IT workforce. This helps avoid unnecessary conflicts and minimizes transaction security risks.

As a general rule IT landscape mergers, enable short-term co-operation between the recently merged companies and in the long term focus on harmonizing all processes to increase the efficiency of IT. Unlike the separation of companies, an IT landscape merge can be applied over a much longer period and throughout a number of phases.