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SAP Business Solutions

Based on predefined solutions from A to Z, Datagroup launches and rolls out SAP systems worldwide. In order to continually support and improve business processes, our experts constantly develop SAP systems on an on-going basis.

Companies are continually in motion: Products and services are optimized, new business models are developed and the globalization of business is expanding. At the same time new features in SAP technology offer the chance to meet ever increasing demands e.g. real-time information or mobile business process support. The challenges facing companies today are multi-layered and complex.

  • New business models and processes must be mapped in the SAP system to take the changes in value chains into account and to differentiate themselves from the competition.
  • Decisions and workflows in business processes need to be supported on mobile devices with information from different data sources in real time.
  • Business processes such as planning, statements, reporting and analysis require higher speed.

IT management and technical departments are called upon to respond to the changes. DATAGROUP SAP Business Solutions can support and offer you various possibilities and approaches.

SAP System Check

Status and modifications analysis of SAP applications using standard tools and in-house tools, evaluation of performance and assessment of options for the use of enhancement packages (EHP) for improved software functions.

SAP implementation and process optimization

  • Lean launches of entire systems or new functionalities made possible through the use of EHPs and kept as close as possible to SAP standards
  • Use of industry-specific best practices and DATAGROUP templates with pre-defined business scenarios
  • Long-standing optimized implementation methodology, based on the tools of SAP Solution Manager, and continuous reduction of modifications as well as in-house developments within SAP standards

SAP Rollout

  • Definition and rollout of templates specifying local or regional variations
  • Use of Solution Manager for delta customizing
  • Training and support from the rollout team in cooperation with regional partners

SAP Development

  • Individual customization of SAP customer-specific processes through individual program extensions
  • Optimization of existing extensions with modification-free Re-design or performance optimization

SAP Upgrade

  • Upgrade roadmap to determine the optimization potential and action needed as a basis for SAP upgrade planning
  • Implementation of release changes for functional and technical updates of the existing SAP application, Unicode conversion and introduction of EHPs

Through predefined solutions, DATAGROUP’s SAP Business Solutions support the evolution of SAP systems through systematic analysis, implementation and rollout of new functionalities, developments and upgrades. They follow the basic principles to support the overall and internal processes of your company and to optimize the total cost of ownership of SAP landscapes.


  • SAP system check
  • SAP implementation and process optimization
  • SAP rollout
  • SAP developments
  • SAP upgrade