New Lünendonk-List: DATAGROUP Is One of the Leading IT Service Providers

Pliezhausen, 18 June 2020: The market research institute Lünendonk & Hossenfelder has published the current Lünendonk list. DATAGROUP ranks sixth among the leading IT service providers in Germany.

The Lünendonk ranking of the leading IT service providers only includes companies that generate more than 50% of their revenue from IT outsourcing and managed services. While the largest IT service companies only managed an average sales growth of 1.9%, DATAGROUP is one of the fastest growing companies in this segment. With 19.0% in 2019, DATAGROUP shows the second best growth in sales in the ranking.

“As a machine room for digitization, we offer exactly the expertise that customers need to digitize their companies,” explains Max H.-H. Schaber, CEO of DATAGROUP. “This applies especially to the issues that particularly concern companies: Digitization, S/4HANA, and of course the cloud.”

Among the topics driving the business of IT service providers in Germany are the changeover to S/4HANA, the introduction of software for implementing digitization strategies, the modernization of IT landscapes and the migration to the cloud, or the establishment and operation of hybrid systems, as well as topics such as the introduction of artificial intelligence and IoT. DATAGROUP is well positioned in all areas to profit from this growth.

With around 500 SAP experts, the IT service provider is excellently positioned to drive the migration to S/4HANA for customers, as done for example for the internationally active medium-sized company Balcke-Dürr or the liquefied gas expert Tyczka. In the cloud area, DATAGROUP covers the complete range thanks to many years of expertise: from public cloud offers, for example with Microsoft Azure, to private cloud offers from German data centers, to hybrid combinations.

“These topics are very complex and the right expertise is crucial for the success of IT projects. At the same time, there is a severe shortage of skilled workers, which makes it impossible for many companies to build up the necessary skills internally. As an IT service provider with the appropriate experts, we are of course particularly in demand here,” explains Max H.-H. Schaber.

In addition to around 80 IT service providers, 150 IT managers from medium-sized businesses, large companies and corporations were surveyed for the current study. The study can be downloaded free of charge from September 2020.

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