DATAGROUP signs outsourcing contract with LBS Südwest

DATAGROUP signs 5-year contract with LBS Südwest for the outsourcing of IT services. LBS Südwest is the largest of the eight Landesbausparkassen (home loan and savings bank) in Germany with some 1.6 million customers. As the home loan association of the savings banks, LBS Südwest is a competent partner for all aspects of building, living, and financing in Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate.

The cooperation focuses on services related to the user such as end device services, service desk, communication and collaboration services. In this respect, the modular design of DATAGROUP’s CORBOX suite of services allows for a customized selection of standard services. As early as in 2021, LBS Südwest has assured itself of DATAGROUP’s performance during some extensive market research. The outsourcing contract has a total volume in the double-digit million euro ranges.

DATAGROUP impresses with the services of the CORBOX

Since July 2022, DATAGROUP is undergoing a transition phase with LBS Südwest. The services will be gradually taken over by DATAGROUP until the end of 2024 and will then be updated in a transformation process to state-of-the-art CORBOX standards. After completion of the transition and transformation process, the companies agreed on a cooperation for a period of five years. In detail, DATAGROUP will assume responsibility for the user-oriented IT services of LBS Südwest for some 1,300 users covering all of the below:

  • Local end devices and periphery services (client, printer, multifunctional devices, field service, IMAC)
  • User and Access Management
  • Service Desk
  • Email Service
  • File and Print Backend Services
  • Software Distribution
  • Network and Firewall Services
  • Diverse Cross-Divisional Functions

 “We appreciate DATAGROUP for its in-depth professional understanding of complex financial service processes. The direct and uncomplicated communication with our new partner enables very fast response times which is very important for us with a view to the stability of our processes.”

Uwe Wöhlert, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of LBS Südwest

 “We are very happy to count LBS Südwest among our customers in the financial services sector. This does not only strengthen our position as IT service provider of the Sparkassen Finanzgruppe, but also expands our sector expertise.”

Andreas Baresel, Chief Executive Officer of DATAGROUP

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