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Since November 2016, DATAGROUP has assumed operational responsibility for NCG’s business process IT. Its centre is made up of a Cloud solution located in our Frankfurt-based data centre, where the special applications of NCG are run.

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The two data centre sites are around ten kilometres away from each other and directly connected by a glass fibre ring. This guarantees that all the data is available at both sites at the same time. This so-called geo-redundancy ensures that the applications are continued completely interruption-free, even in the very unlikely case of a total failure of a data centre. This guarantees the necessary high availability of 99.8% for the entire integrated IT systems in around-the-clock-operations. Additionally, DATAGROUP manages the network connections to the more than 400 regional market partners, for instance public utilities, and thus enables a smooth and timely data transfer.

DATAGROUP is working for NCG as a full-service provider, i.e. we do not only provide storage capacity in our data centre but also make sure that the special applications of NCG are working reliably, efficiently and securely with the help of state-of-the-art technology and our certified operational and process know-how.


Michael Meibaum
T +49 421 2020 361

„Operating our process IT requires a high degree of reliability, security and flexibility. We see DATAGROUP as the right partner for this provision of services under the aspect of optimal costs.“

Andreas Manderfeld, Head of Operations und Frank Zantis Head of IT & Application Management

About NetConnect Germany

Six operators of gas pipelines cooperate under the roof of NetConnect Germany (NCG) and together they have established the largest German market area for natural gas. Roughly two thirds of the gas used by end consumers in Germany is transported via NCG’s market area. NCG is responsible for the operational handling of the market area cooperation, for instance daily accounting of the gas volume fed into and out of the grid.