End User Services for Stadtwerke München

Source: SWM / Stefan Obermeier

Stadtwerke München is one of the largest municipal companies in Germany and a functioning IT is essential for them. Stadtwerke München chose DATAGROUP as their partner for client management and 2nd level support. DATAGROUP ensures a smooth operation of the IT workstation of the employees and, in the 2nd level support takes care of the fast correction of errors.

First Generation Outsourcing: Standardization, Measurability and Relief of the IT Department

Client management and client support are complex and time-consuming tasks that take up a lot time for IT departments. Given the scarcity of resources in this area, Stadtwerke München decided to outsource this aspect to DATAGROUP, thus relieving its own IT department so that it can concentrate on its other, diverse tasks.

In the case of Stadtwerke München, this was the first outsourcing of end user services. First generation outsourcing always brings some challenges, including standardizing processes and making them transparent and measurable for the customer. DATAGROUP has created uniform standards for software rollout and client management here. As a service provider with the appropriate know-how and automation approaches, DATAGROUP succeeded in reducing the time required by these standards, so that new software packages can be made available to employees more quickly.

For example, the provision of software to employees has been standardized. Whereas previously there were different processes and employees had to contact different people, there is now a central contact person and uniform criteria on which the decision for or against software is based. This not only provides a better overview of which software is in use where, but also creates transparency for employees and speeds up the process.

Client Management for Over 7,000 Clients

Client management comprises the entire operating system operation of the IT workstations of the employees of Stadtwerke München. From the operating system, specialized applications to Windows updates and patches, DATAGROUP takes over the fast and smooth provisioning for Stadtwerke München on more than 7,000 clients.

While the majority of around 4,000 clients is located in the headquarters, there are also numerous distributed IT workstations due to the size of the company, for example in power plants or swimming pools. Each of these clients must be accessed regularly and equipped with the necessary software and, in particular, important security updates. Especially here, the standardized approach of DATAGROUP shows its strength, because it creates the necessary transparency. Clients are often the first gateway for cyber attacks, which is why a fast and constant provision of updates is very important.


  • Standardization of software rollout processes creates transparency, security and measurability
  • Provisioning times of software packages could be reduced significantly
  • High user satisfaction
  • High overall problem resolution rate that is easy for Stadtwerke München to track
  • Relieving the IT burden of Stadtwerke München

Uwe Jergens
T +49 89 996 872 270

“We were faced with the challenge of transferring the client operation service, which was provided in-house using numerous external employees, into a managed service. By working with DATAGROUP, our internal staff can now focus on architecture and continuous improvement. The managed service is not a black box for us, but we can track very precisely what DATAGROUP is doing. The acceleration of standard activities has also already led to significant improvements in ongoing operations. We have thus fully achieved our goals.”

Matthias Wolf, Team Lead Client Architecture and Management

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