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IT Outsourcing of the Print and Copy Infrastructure of Bremer Landesbank

Within the context of the project “migration to finance informatics”, Bremer Landesbank outsourced its core banking system. In the area of Printing Services, this project entailed the request to implement print and copy systems that are exclusively validated by “finance informatics”.

With this project Bremer Landesbank aimed to optimize its printer and copier infrastructure as well as to implement fair cost center accounting. The goal was to exchange all printers and copiers within a specified period of time. A maintenance contract was also added to the rental model. This included all replacement parts, necessary services, as well as defined user materials per Service Level Agreement.

The systems implemented by DATAGROUP are environmentally friendly, energy efficient, quiet, and save on waste. The printers have low or no ozone emissions.

On the basis of a collaboratively-established rollout plan, the hardware was installed during operation on site and employees were trained on the new equipment. Disposal of the old system was also part of the rollout, as was system inventory.

As part of the IT outsourcing, DATAGROUP has assumed the care of the print and multi-functional devices in a long-term cooperation:

  • On-demand toner supplies and environmentally-conscious recycling
  • Regular equipment maintenance by trained personnel
  • Continuous equipment monitoring
  • Troubleshooting within agreed-upon response times on site
  • Regular reports on number of pages printed/copied that provide detailed information on copy and print requirements
  • On-site support and additive IMAC services

With the implementation of the new print and copy system, Bremer Landesbank not only met the requirements of finance informatics, but also consolidated its printing and copying systems. The introduction of cost center accounting resulted in greater transparency in dividing printing costs.

Matthias Bielefeld
Manager, Informatics

“The goal of changing out our printing infrastructure was to integrate systems that are finance informatics valid, to have them managed from a single source, and to reduce the overall costs and number of implemented equipment types. We achieved these goals, both economically and timewise, with our long-term partner, DATAGROUP.“

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