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Voice Biometrics for the Largest Government Authority in Europe

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Following a solicitation for bids from companies throughout Europe, the Nuremberg Federal Employment Agency selected a voice biometrics solution by DATAGROUP. This solution authenticates callers based on their voice and can unlock user accounts as well as reset passwords.

The solution is based on innovative language and voice recognition technology and includes the following functions:

  • Identification via employee number or alternatively via telephone number
  • Authentication via biometric markers of the voice
  • Dynamic dialogs for system and account selection
  • Unlocking of an account or resetting of a password via the integrated password generator
  • Expanded security via text-dependent repetition of randomly preset, 4-digit numbers
  • Broad support of popular applications and directory services

Here is an excerpt from the request for bids (object of the procurement process):

“Design, configuration/implementation, and deployment of a system (standard software) on a rental basis for the automated processing of password reset request via the biometrical marker, “voice” (via telephone) nationwide for all offices of the Federal Employment Agency and the job centers (joint institutions).

Within the context of this request for bids, the term, “password reset request” refers to both the unlocking of an account (in which case the password remains unchanged) as well as the password reset (according to the password guidelines for the Active Directory (AD) of the Federal Employment Agency (BA), the 6 last reset passwords cannot be used again) for an existing user account.

The bid should include the account unlocking and password reset options of Windows passwords (in ADDS = Active Directory Domain Service). In addition to the ADDS, the product offered must also be expandable to many other systems.”

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