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Outsourcing of Clarins’ IT operations

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Clarins Germany has outsourced its IT operations to DATAGROUP. Since then, a professional IT help desk for all IT related questions (1st level support) is available to the 150 Clarins users.

The objective of the outsourcing project was to achieve measurable competitive advantages from IT. The mid-sized company could no longer meet the expenses of maintaining the necessary bandwidth of know-how in house.

“Our expenses for this project are really an investment“, explains the Director of Finance & Administration when commenting on the reasons for this direction by his company. The goal of this outsourcing project was to gain measurable competitive advantages from IT.

Within the context of a six-month pre-project, the IT infrastructure of Clarins Germany was revised and standardized. Server processes were consolidated and centralized. Consequently, Clarins gave their entire IT operations, including the service desk, to DATAGROUP.

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“(…) IT operations are now significantly more efficient and of higher quality.“

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About Clarins

Clarins Deutschland GmbH, located in Starnberg near Munich is the German sales subsidiary of the French Cosmetics giant, Clarins. This family business, founded in 1954 and headquartered in Paris, has 6,000 employees in 150 countries worldwide. Clarins is a leading provider of premium cosmetics, beauty, and wellness products. In addition to the company’s own broad product palette under the Clarins label, the brands Thierry Mugler and Azzaro are also part of the Clarins group.