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Equipment and Support for Representatives of the Hessian Parliament in IT Outsourcing

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The Hessian Parliament in Wiesbaden has decided to outsource certain responsibilities to external service providers. One of these responsibilities is equipping and supporting the representatives.

Typically, every representative uses a stationary workstation system in the electoral district/regional office as well as a mobile device. For several years, in addition to supplying the equipment itself and setting it up, DATAGROUP also provides the representatives with system and user support.

The 80 regional/electoral district offices are scattered throughout the state of Hesse according to the location and layout of the electoral districts. Additionally, every representative has his/her own office in the parliament building for use when parliament is in session. DATAGROUP’s IT specialists provide support for all questions concerning system operation to the representatives in each of their respective work locations.

The service desk receives all requests and serves as central point of contact for the representatives. From there all problems are addressed within the framework of defined response times until they are resolved.

If questions cannot be immediately resolved at his single point of contact, the service desk directs all on-site assignments, covering all of the state of Hesse. Additionally, representatives have the opportunity to address the DATGROUP service team during service days around plenary sessions in Wiesbaden.

Dr. Bruno Mattes
Department Manager IT-Management

“Outsourcing equipment and service capabilities to the service provider, DATAGROUP, has proven to be an excellent solution in every way. A high level of service quality, technical competency, and continuity in project and service team personnel have resulted in great acceptance and satisfaction with DATAGROUP on the part of the representatives. It also allows parliament’s own IT department to focus its resources more on work dealing with infrastructure and processing.“

About the Hessian Parliament (Landtag)

The Hessian Parliament is the state parliament and legislature for the federal state of Hesse. Its responsibilities are to uphold the constitution of the state Hesse. Since its first session in December 1946, the parliament convenes is the former city castle of the Dukes of Nassau in the state capital, Wiesbaden.