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Lidl equips sales managers with iPads – time savings of 17 percent

CIO Magazin, Computerwoche and the Lebensmittelzeitung reported the following, in detail, in its online editions about our customer Lidl and their iPad project, LiMO (Lidl Mobile Office):

“The LiMO solution is made up of two components: the first one is mobile information sharing (“VL mobile”), which was designed and developed to meet individualized Lidl requirements by the specialized business apps provider Excelsis Business Technology AG, Stuttgart (now DATAGROUP Mobile Solutions AG). This application is used by Sales Managers to check, e.g, product displays in the stores. Using a tablet, Sales Managers can see how sales areas should be set up and can then compare them with their planning to make any necessary adjustments or changes.” (

Mirko Saul
Director, International IT Co-ordination

“With the iPads, Sales Managers can access sales information and data in real time.”

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About Lidl

Lidl is the largest discount supermarket chain in Europe. The company employs more than 170,000 people worldwide.