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IT Outsourcing of central IT Services for PKF WULF & PARTNER

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PKF WULF & PARTNER planned the merger of 4 law firms with a total of 120 employees in the greater Stuttgart area. Prior to the consolidation, IT was operated in part by external service providers or by in-house IT departments. In light of the new direction of the organization and the merger with the PKF network, DATAGROUP, as a reliable IT partner, received the mandate to develop a new infrastructure that would be highly capable and able to grow dynamically. Professional interaction within the law firms was to be simplified through a standardized and centralized IT environment.

PKF WULF & PARTNER decided on DATAGROUP for IT Outsourcing: a dedicated server and storage environment was implemented for PKF WULF & PARTNER in the DATAGROUP data center, which is certified according to the highest security standards in Germany.
All data from the various IT environments was brought together here and standardized.

As part of the transition, all law firms were equipped with uniform client hardware including extensive business accessories. In addition to notebooks for all consultants, the equipment also included desktop PCs for the administration. Through the use of a one-time password generator (OTP-Token), all consultants can access the systems in the DATAGROUP data center through a secure connection regardless of their location.

Following the installation of the new client hardware, users received a short introduction to the system. From this moment on, the DATAGROUP service desk was also ready for all user questions. In addition to telephone support, experienced service technicians handle repairs or equipment exchanges on site as needed.

Benefits of this solution:

  • Operation of the central IT environment
  • The centralized and standardized IT structure simplifies collaboration and professional interaction between law firms
  • Operational responsibility is handed to a professional service provider
  • Data security meets statutory regulations in the BSI-certified DATAGROUP data center
  • Operating costs are fixed and can be calculated. No unexpected expenses for customer care and maintenance

Martin Wulf
Managing Director

“With the full service solution by DATAGROUP we have met our high standards for data security and system availability. Additionally, we now have a professional service desk that serves as a central point of contact for all matters relating to IT. Taking this strategic step with DATAGROUP as our partner was certainly the right decision.”


The PKF WULF & PARTNER Group, headquartered in Stuttgart, is part of the PKF Germany consortium, one of the most capable consulting and auditing networks in Germany. PKF WULF & PARTNER provides a full spectrum of services in the areas of auditing, tax and legal consulting.