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Printing Services for the Automotive Supplier REIFF

REIFF assigned DATAGROUP with the creation of a concept for a homogeneous printer environment as well as profitable operation thereof. The main focus of the outsourcing project was long-term economic viability:

  • Based on the actual print volume, the right mix of equipment cost, financing, maintenance, and supplies was established. The end result is a significant reduction in overall cost.
  • More time available for the core business by reducing the time and cost necessary for maintaining the printing environment.
  • Modern multi-functional devices, comprehensive service, and certified technicians help reduce downtimes and ensure greater reliability.

Based on the requirements in terms of equipment and document creation practices, DATACORP developed a customized solution and service concept for REIFF. Services provided include:

  • Equipment rollout, including delivery, setup, startup, inventory, and training of users.
  • Break & fix service.
  • Dismantling of printers and removal at the end of term.
  • Automated reordering of supplies with a central management tool that directly places the order. When the toner level reaches a defined point, a message is automatically sent out to DATAGROUP.

The selected infrastructure provides important benefits to REIFF:

  • Numerous expansion options provide flexibility for growing requirements.
  • Easy operation through an intuitive graphic user panel with numerical keys.

Herbert Langheinz
Team Leader, System Technology

“DATAGROUP proved to be a competent partner in the design and rollout of this project. We certainly valued the structured approach in the planning of this undertaking. Service requests and reordering of supplies are handled very efficiently and we are thus very satisfied with our printer solution and service package.”

REIFF Printing Services by the numbers

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About Reiff

REIFF is an owner-operated family business that specializes in automotive wheels and tires as well as comprehensive automotive services. Core products and services include:

  • Car and motorcycle tires
  • Off-road and SUV tires
  • Accredited motor vehicle workshop
  • Motor vehicle repairs of all manufacturers
  • Inspections – also for new vehicles
  • Utility vehicle tires
  • Retreads for trucks
  • Industrial EM and AS tires

Customers can expect comprehensive service for greater mobility and safety.