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IT Management in the Customer’s Own Data Center for Sprint Sanierung

As part of the company’s IT outsourcing, we manage Sprint’s central IT services in the company’s data center. The goal of our collaboration is to develop a high-level IT operation and to conquer the challenges posed by digitalization.

In addition to the data center and networks, we also operate Sprint’s e-mail systems and supply Application Management Services, for example Office 365. This also includes the automated distribution of software packages to tablets used by field personnel. We thereby ensure that restoration specialists working at a customer site also have access to the necessary applications.

For Sprint’s IT users, the DATAGROUP Service Desk is the competent, reliable, and accessible point of contact for all issues relating to IT, ensuring that all problems are resolved as quickly as possible.

The spectrum of services assigned to DATAGROUP within the framework of a bidding process consists of the following service elements:

Dr.-Ing. Ralf Brüning
Managing Director, Technology
Sprint Sanierung GmbH

“Collaborating with DATAGROUP has allowed us to conquer the challenges of digitalization faster and, at the same time, with a higher level of quality.”

About Sprint

With a total of approx. 1,200 employees, Sprint Sanierung GmbH is Germany’s largest and most innovative specialist for the restoration of buildings and their content. The company’s core business focuses on assistance following fire, water, and storm damage as well as restoration assistance in the aftermath of break-ins, theft, and vandalism. A network of 36 locations ensures that the company’s services are available throughout the whole country.



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