Unified Communications Swyx

With Unified Communications via Swyx, we offer you one of the leading unified communications solutions.

The nationwide switch from ISDN to Voice-over-IP makes it even more advantageous to implement a unified communications solution, since voice, fax, e-mail, chat and web run over the same IP network. A seamless integration of all communication channels leads to higher accessibility, more efficient processes and more satisfaction among users and customers.

On the basis of Swyx we provide a VoIP-based telephone system as well as the necessary gateways and operate the platform for you. Optionally, we can also supply you with the right IP telephones, headsets and conference spiders.

The Unified Communications solution from Swyx is software-based and highly scalable. Whether 50 or 1,000 users, Swyx reliably, safely and efficiently provides numerous UC functions.

Depending on the selected service package, in addition to the typical convenience features of a telephone system such as call diversion or callback on busy, you can set up and hold conferences, receive and send faxes to any e-mail address, or even seamlessly integrate mobile devices into your communication.

We provide support for the system, manage the Unified Communications platform as a complete solution, and operate the phone server with the services and licenses necessary for operation

Unified Communications via Swyx – Your benefits at a glance

  • Powerful, software-based unified communications solution
  • High flexibility and adaptability
  • Telephony, fax, conferencing and many other services from one source
  • Management of the unified communications platform
  • Support for the Swys system
  • Provision of IP phones, headsets and conference spiders (optional)
  • Expansion up to a high-performance call center (optional)


Roman Klinkert
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