Integrated Logistics Solutions

Our Integrated Logistics Solutions software solutions provide you with modern and secure IT solutions that enable intelligent maintenance, repair and spare parts management strategies.

With our solutions you can make sure that the right material is available in the right amount at the right time and in the right place. Through individual interfaces, we ensure the data exchange between ILS and ERP systems.

All solutions in our ILS software family are based on the proven management method Integrated Logistics Support (ILS). It synchronizes the demand with the existing resources of a company.

As an overall process, ILS optimizes maintenance, servicing and spare parts supply of technical systems across the various lifecycle phases.

Structured analyzes of the individual phases make it possible to increase the quality as well as the profitability of the supply processes. Above all, the development phase of a product offers opportunities to define maintenance strategies and logistical support tasks at an early stage and thus to design supply processes and entire technical systems economically.

Our Integrated Logistic Solutions Services

  • Consulting on ILS processes
  • Implementation of DATAGROUP ILS software solutions and interfaces
  • Operation of the solution
  • Special solutions for military standards that represent all the chapers of S2000M
  • Management of ILS processes as a complete service

Integrated Logistic Solutions – Your Advantages at a Glance

  • Reduction of long-term operating costs while increasing reliability
  • Maximizing availability
  • Overview of the logistics data of several projects and revisions
  • Support for all chapters of S2000M
  • Supports MIL STD 1388-2B
  • Interfaces for easy data exchange between programs and ERP systems
  • Import checks ensure data integrity
  • Individual reports
  • Calculation of Direct Maintenance Cost
  • Lowering of Life Cycle Cost