User Experience Review

Within the scope of our User Experience Review, we check the quality of existing user interfaces against the background of their respective usage context.

We work according to DIN EN ISO 9241-110, which is based on standards and best practices for the design and evaluation of user interfaces. In particular, we assess the efficiency of a surface for a specific task or a defined process.

Our certified experts perform a systematic test of the usability of your application based on different evaluation criteria. The focus is on the user interface. Using checklists and heuristics, we evaluate common usability rules according to seven evaluation criteria and check whether the entire interaction is efficient, effective and satisfactory.

Our usability review can be applied to apps, websites, prototypes or individually developed software.

Following the review, you will receive the result documentation with a quick overview of the existing usability problems and implementation-oriented recommendations for actions.

User Experience Review – Your Advantages at a Glance

  • Usability Review according to DIN EN ISO 9241-110
  • Improve the efficiency of application surfaces
  • Reduce errors by improving usability
  • Increase employee satisfaction and application usage


Stefan Dreher
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