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Invest in one of Germany’s leading IT service providers

Equity Story

DATAGROUP is one of Germany’s leading IT service providers. About 1,900 employees at locations throughout Germany design, implement and operate business applications and IT infrastructures. With its product CORBOX, DATAGROUP is a full-service provider, serving over 600,000 global IT workstations for medium and large enterprises as well as for public-sector clients. In other words: ‘We manage IT’.

The company is growing organically and through acquisitions. The acquisition strategy is particularly noted for its optimal integration of the new companies. DATAGROUP is actively participating in the IT service market’s consolidation process with its ‘buy and turn around’ and its ‘buy and build’ strategy.

Executive and supervisory board

Max H.-H. Schaber (CEO) and Dirk Peters (COO)

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ODDO Seydler Investor conference, Frankfurt am Main

Report 1st quarter of fiscal year 2017/2018

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Baader Bank, Hauck & Aufhäuser, Warburg and Edison Research supply investors with reports about DATAGROUP. Since November 2015 Warburg reports in English.

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  • DATAGROUP is growing strongly and profitably
    Our revenues have grown by over 20 % p.a. on average since the IPO. With an EBITDA margin of 12.1 % (2016/2017(p)) we are among the most profitable companies in our market segment.
  • Focus on high-margin IT services and long-term contracts
    High-margin outsourcing and cloud services are our core business. Long-term contracts with terms of between 3 and 5 years provide for recurring earnings and high visibility.
  • Future strategy DATAGROUP 2020
    We want to become market leader as outsourcer and cloud provider for companies with 250 – 5,000 workplaces by 2020. We will achieve this with CORBOX, our modular complete solution for carefree and fail-proof IT operations.
  • IT services ‘made in Germany’
    DATAGROUP produces all IT services exclusively in Germany – this makes us a preferred partner for the quality and security-oriented German Mittelstand.
  • Eye level and customer satisfaction
    As a large Mittelstand company, we convince our customers by being at eye-level. DATAGROUP is among the Top 3 leading IT outsourcers in Germany ranked by customer satisfaction.
  • Successful track record for acquisitions
    DATAGROUP has acquired 20 companies since its IPO. Today, all of them are successful parts of DATAGROUP. We will aim for targeted inorganic growth in the future as well.

Annual General Meeting

DATAGROUP SE invites to its Annual General Meeting to be held on Thursday, March 8, 2018 at 11 a.m. at the corporate headquarter in Pliezhausen.

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Annual and Quarterly Reports

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DATAGROUP in numbers

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