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Our Culture and Our Values

A company can only achieve excellence if this is promoted by the corporate culture. For this reason, both our cultural guidelines and our economic goals are anchored on equal terms in our DATAGROUP 2025 corporate strategy.

»Our culture and the values associated with it have an impact on the well-being and the success of our company. Appreciation, clarity and room for personal development are crucial so that everyone can develop their talents and contribute their strengths.«

Max H.-H. Schaber, DATAGROUP CEO

Our Cultural Guidelines

Unternehmer bei DATAGROUP

We are entrepreneurs, as are our customers

We live a culture of entrepreneurship. Every employee is the most important representative of our company and enjoys a high degree of independence. We encourage our employees to accept new challenges and to try out something new. Together we ensure that we drive the business forward.

DATAGROUP Arbeitsstil

We think differently, we work differently, we find better solutions

This aspiration has accompanied us since our foundation and is part of our company’s DNA. We rely on high brain and low tech to find better, more simple and more economic solutions.

Soziale Verantwortung bei DATAGROUP. Rennende Kinder

We fulfil our social responsibility, both internally and externally

We as a company are responsible for our employees and our fellow human beings. This is why we support numerous social projects and create sustainable solutions. We get involved with our society.


We are masters of leadership

Good leadership is one of the key factors for a successful company and a good interaction. We implement the specific target vision of a master of leadership and provide our executives with a sophisticated development program.


We deliver high excellence in terms of sell, plan, build and run

We have a thirst for success. Irrespective of the business area we are active in, we always endeavor to provide excellent services for our customers and our company.

DATAGROUP Weiterentwicklung

We are developing ourselves as personalities, within the team and as an organisation through constant learning

We are part of one of the fastest moving industries which is facing the biggest changes. Our business is based on constantly changing technologies that increasingly determine the success of our customers. This is why continued development and ongoing learning are at the top of the agenda.

Zwei DATAGROUP Mitarbeiterinnen stehen am Stehtisch und lachen

We see ourselves as a vocational circle of friends

Our employees spend significant amounts of their time with us and it is important to us that they feel comfortable. We want to offer more than just a job. We create a forward-facing environment in which we move in the same direction, together with our talented colleagues. No matter what happens, we can rely on each other.

»DATAGROUP offers more than a normal employee/employer relationship: A family and partner-like working environment.«

Markus Schäfer, Service Manager

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