»Our employees are the heart of our company. We want to be more than an employer and, as a professional life partner, create an environment that offers everyone development opportunities and security at all stages of their own lives.«

Dr. Sabine Laukemann, Management Board Member, responsible for Human Resources, Strategy and Organization

The Emphasis Is on People

People are our priority, because only thouse employees who feel comfortable with us can give their very best for us and for our customers.

Workplace and Working Environment

A truly communal atmosphere

Teamwork is essential for us – on and between all levels. Clarity and reliability, appreciation and acceptance are the basis for the good working atmosphere at DATAGROUP. The basic requirements for this are: joy, an open communications culture, professional feedback, fairness and friendliness towards each other.

What we offer

  • Offices optimized for dialog that were redesigned in the wake of our brand relaunch
  • Communication areas for weeklies, standups and more
  • Modern IT equipment and ergonomic workplaces
  • Enjoy working, have fun working together and take pleasure in our team’s success
  • And we can also celebrate 🙂 Numerous team and coporate events are waiting for you

Our Work-Life-Balance Principle

Vocational partnership for life

Every phase of life has its own focal point, whether career, family, building a house, a honorary post, taking time off or returning to work. We see ourselves as a vocational partner for life. For every phase of our employees, we develop individual and reliable solutions with you that fit you and your family life.

What we offer

  • Flexible hours and mobile working
  • Attractive salary model, social and other benefits
  • Sabbaticals and individual part-time working models
  • Health promotion, preventive medical care and sports activities
  • Get through the day fit and healthy: company restaurants, lunch allowance and fruit baskets

Career Advancement – Our Promise

Multiple career paths

We offer multiple careers, which we adapt individually to every employee. Specialist and management careers are regarded as equivalent in this respect.

Our corporate strategy also has cultural guidelines, e.g. to become masters of leadership, to actively promote employees and enable them to develop their talents to the fullest.

  • Regular career development interviews
  • Individual career plans
  • Extensive opportunities for further training, e.g. combine study and work
  • Gain practical experience in different job profiles

Our Career Principle

Think outside the box in terms of career

Everything is possible with us. A strict career ladder contradicts our idea of freedom and individual development possibilities. We strongly support proactiveness and the willingness to think outside the proverbial box, and we actively promote our employees‘ career with continuing education programs.

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