Are you ready for your career as an expert? Do you want to pursue a management career? Or would you rather reinvent yourself professionally? Our DATAGROUP Career Box highlights all training and further education opportunities for your personal future at DATAGROUP.

Do you want to become part of DATAGROUP? Choose the entry path that is right for you and start your professional journey with us.

  • Direct entry
  • Apprenticeship
  • Dual Study
  • DATAGROUP Academy (see expert career path)
  • Internship and Student Trainee
  • Bachelor and Master thesis

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Setting the Course: Specialist or Manager

If you have reached the fork in the road between “specialist or manager” in your professional career and need guidance for your decision, then attend our seminar “Setting the course”. In two days, the seminar supports you in getting clarity about the right career path for you personally.

A career is possible without becoming a manager! As your professional life partner, we accompany and support you on your journey to becoming an absolute expert in your technology.


Whether you have just finished your training or studies or would like to reorient yourself and change your carrer: With the DATAGROUP Academy, we offer you specific training and trainee programs for entry or internal development.

  • Java Academy: Would you like to become a Java specialist? The DATAGROUP Java Academy offers you a recognized advanced training as a “Java Enterprise Developer (IHK)” (m/f/d) in virtual courses. Due to the modular structure, you will receive a training tailored to your previous knowledge in full or part time, which is accompanied by practical training and experienced lecturers.
  • SAP Academy: The DATAGROUP SAP Academy is a customized training program that you can complete in 7 to 15 months, depending on your previous knowledge. In addition to technical knowledge in SAP and in-depth business know-how, you will be taught the necessary soft skills so that nothing stands in the way of an SAP consultant or expert career.
  • CORBOX Academy: Have you always wanted to work close to the market and our customers and to represent DATAGROUP in the front line to the outside world? Then complete the CORBOX Academy and become one of our CORBOX Sales, Service or Transition Managers. You will become an absolute CORBOX professional over a period of 6 to 7 months with the support of our internal experts, external partners and self-taught training phases.

Part Time Study

Would you like to further deepen your existing expertise through a part-time degree program or individual certificate modules? Then the courses offered by our partner university “SRH – Mobile University” are just right for you.

Training and Continuing Education Offerings as well as Subject-specific Certifications

With our training catalog, we provide you with continuing education and specialized certifications to continuously maintain your knowledge and further develop it in line with current customer and market situations.

  • URANO: Are Microsoft products part of your daily business? Then keep your technological knowledge up to date and complete one of our Microsoft training courses or certifications.
  • Compass Group: The Compass Group is an association of medium-sized IT companies and forms a nationwide network in the IT industry. We as DATAGROUP are the largest shareholder of the Compass Group. Through the Compass Group, you have access to a comprehensive range of training courses in the areas of sales, management and basic IT.
  • ADN: Our partner AND offers cross-vendor IT training, workshops and certifications on various technologies such as backup, cloud, databases, servers, storage, security and more.

Customized Career Plans

Whether you are an absolute expert in your field or want to further develop your leadership skills, let’s talk together about your career roadmap.

For us, specialist and management careers are synonymous. We accompany you on your way to becoming a manager with the following offers:

Part-time Study

You would like to further deepen your existing expertise through a part-time degree program or individual certificate modules? Then the courses offered by our partner university “SRH – Mobile University” are just right for you!

Talent Community

The Talent Community connects leaders across DATAGROUP. In our Talent Community, we offer added value through networking and further education in interactive and co-creative workshops held twice a year – always under the theme of leadership.

Management Training

Are you an employee with your first professional or disciplinary management responsibility? Our Leadership Bootcamp teaches you the most important leadership skills while you work. From lectures and training sessions to on-the-job application – our internal and external experts will accompany you on your development journey into the world of leadership over a period of approx. 9 months.

Coaching and Mentoring

Together with our partners, we offer individual coaching and mentoring tailored to your strengths and potential in order to develop your leadership skills.

Master Academy

In the DATAGROUP Master Academy, we train the executives for our top positions over a period of about 10 months. Together with the Reutlinger Institut für Management (Reutlingen Institute for Management), we offer the optimal training content for a future position as managing director or a task in a central role throughout the group with the curriculum developed especially for DATAGROUP. In the academy, you will become a “Master of Leadership” and acquire competencies in the areas of “Leading the Business, Leading Others, Leading Yourself”.

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