Mergers & Acquisitions

We Are Continuing to Grow

Since the IPO in 2006, DATAGROUP has successfully acquired 25 companies and integrated them into the Group. DATAGROUP is actively participating in the IT service market’s consolidation process with its “buy and turn around” and its “buy and build” strategy. DATAGROUP’s subsidiaries are divided into the service areas “Services and Solutions” as well as “Consulting”. The central service production is represented by central supply units.

DATAGROUP pays particular attention to retaining the status quo of the acquired companies, their customer relationships as well as their service portfolio and thus offering a stable future for the employees. For this reason, we are noted for our cautious and emphatic approach. We deliberately avoid the term “integration” when it comes to our new companies but rather speak of an “inclusion”, where we individually embed each company as an independent unit under the umbrella of the DATAGROUP group. It is especially this independence that preserves entrepreneurship, team spirit and the customer relationships at eye level in which we excel in the midmarket segment.

This approach is reflected in our guideline “100 days DATAGROUP”, which enables a continuation of acquired companies in the usual manner with only minimal interruption to daily operations. At the same time, these companies benefit from the strong DATAGROUP brand as an IT service provider which is known and is operating throughout Germany. We also invest in the growth of our companies and strengthen them in the long term to continue their growth stories together.

Acquisition Criteria

  • IT service company with its headquarters in Germany
  • Services provided to German Mittelstand companies
  • Annual sales of between EUR 5m and EUR 50m
  • No industry specialization if possible
  • High recurring revenues
  • Employees with specialist knowledge
  • Regional customer structure at eye level
  • IT services providing added value to customers
  • New technologies, for instance in RPA, AI, cyber security, and cloud

Acquisition History

  • Messerknecht (120 employees), Oct. 2006
  • EGT IS und ICP (40 employees), Jan. 2007
  • Hamann und Feil (20 employees), Oct. 2007
  • Corporate Express (20 employees), Nov. 2007
  • Best Computer Support (30 employees), Jan 2008
  • Hanseatische Datentechnik (150 employees), Jan. 2008
  • bte bürotechnik eggert (10 employees), Jul 2008
  • Arxes (380 employees), Apr. 2010
  • Ptecs (50 employees), Oct. 2010
  • BGS (120 employees), Jan. 2011
  • DATAGROUP IT Solutions (20 employees), Sept. 2011
  • DATAGROUP Consulting (10 employees), Sept. 2011
  • PC-Feuerwehr (10 employees), Jan. 2012
  • Consinto (350 employees), Feb. 2012
  • Excelsis (50 employees), Okt. 2014
  • Vega (120 employees), Oct. 2014
  • HP Enterprise (306 employees), Sept. 2016
  • HanseCom (70 employees), May 2017
  • ikb Data (72 employees), Aug. 2017
  • ALMATO (40 employees), Jan. 2018
  • UBL (70 employees), Apr. 2019
  • IT-Informatik (300 employees), Aug. 2019
  • Mercoline (60 employees), Aug. 2019
  • Portavis (200 employees), March 2020
  • Cloudeteer (30 employees), June 2020
  • dna (104 employees), April 2021
  • URANO (300 employees), May 2021
  • Hövermann IT (55 employees), April 2022
  • systemzwo (38 employees), April 2023

»Although the conditions were challenging when the company was taken over, we succeeded in making the transformation work and eventually achieving a very successful turnaround thanks to an active exchange of experience and constructive support from DATAGROUP.«

Alexandra Mülders, Managing Director in Cologne


Our dedicated M&A team has many years of experience and ensures the acquisition process is efficient and fast. In this context, we attach great importance to an open dialog. We would be glad to assist you in this process at any time.

Oliver Thome