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IT Landscape Consulting

The IT landscape is considered the entire set of activities and interaction of all people, processes, structures and components that are involved in corporate IT services: from each PC to the data center and from the Service Desk to the Chief Information Officer. The goal of effective IT landscape consulting is to develop and design comprehensive and integrated IT landscapes so that all internal and external stakeholders gain maximum benefit.

DATAGROUP advises companies and organizations on the design and implementation of excellent IT landscapes. During a later phase in the project DATAGROUP takes over the self-conception and implementation of One-Stop-Shops. DATAGROUP puts high priority on the evaluation of existing IT landscapes as well as on consulting companies, administrations and governments in all areas of IT governance.

The DATAGROUP IT Landscape Evaluation primarily addresses the potential for optimizing IT landscapes and prepares the corporate IT for adjustments needed in transformed business organisations and corporate structures.

Our consultants at DATAGROUP IT Governance Consulting support CEOs, CIOs and IT managers to shape IT organizational structures, processes and standards both in central and decentralized business units so that the corporate strategy and goals can be optimally carried out.

Our customers benefit from DATAGROUP’s extensive experience in successfully designed business transformation and IT transition projects concerning ITIL compliant management of complex IT system landscapes and benchmarks relating to performance and cost levels of IT landscapes. Product and industry know-how as well as the product neutrality of our highly experienced and ITIL certified consultants ensure solid and open-ended counsulting at anytime.