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Network Services

Within the framework of IT outsourcing we manage corporate networks and provide all the necessary network components. We install and look after local networks, manage WAN paths, and ensure network and internet connections.

Our focus and main priority is network security. With advanced network technologies and state of the art encryption methods, we protect networks against unauthorized access, and safeguard connections against external attacks.

DATAGROUP’s redundancy solutions minimize technical risks and reduce downtime. Our maintenance routines and modern monitoring tools enable us to constantly monitor our customers’ networks, guaranteeing consistently high performance and network availability.

DATAGROUP Network Services offer efficient solutions for the integration of mobile IT workplaces, enabling staff 24/7access to company networks. Here again, security is our top priority and state of the art encryption and authentication technologies provide maximum security.

DATAGROUP Network Services are based on standardized processes that are certified according to ISO 20000.

DATAGROUP Network Services: Network Management from a single source

  • Network infrastructure planning
  • Operation and monitoring of the network environment
  • Ensuring the operation of the active components
  • Patching and disconnection of networks
  • Management of security related issues
  • Ongoing support for technical enhancements and adaptations

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