Managed LAN & WLAN

Reduce your administrative burden and increase your network security with our Managed LAN & WLAN IT outsourcing service.

The Local Area Network (LAN) is the indispensable backbone of corporate communication. Every piece of data goes through this network. We provide and operate your LAN infrastructure and reduce your administrative burden. The complex and branched LAN structures require the management of many miles of cables and dozens or hundreds of switches and routers in order to optimally meet the performance demands of the most diverse applications at any time.

Whether real-time applications like voice over IP or video chats, latency-sensitive transactions in online shops, email retrievals or the download of large files in the browser – we make sure that every data transfer is prioritized and forwarded so as to avoid any dropouts or output losses.

Furthermore, we can also manage your wireless network (WLAN). From the installation, the connection, protection and operation of the access points to the allocation, control and management of accesses for the users – we undertake the administration for you.

You receive an all-in-one package with our Managed LAN & WLAN service. We plan the necessary communication networks and network infrastructure, provide active components such as routers, switches and access points or take over your existing infrastructure and develop it further.

We manage and monitor these elements, prepare the network documentation and always keep you updated. We are ready to assist you in the event of failures to analyze and eliminate them as fast as possible.

For you, this means a stable and user-friendly network infrastructure without the concern associated with it.

Managed LAN & WLAN – Your Advantages at a Glance

  • Modern managed network with high-capacity components
  • Planning, installation and operation of LAN and WLAN environments (except cabling)
  • Preparation and update of the network documentation
  • Analysis and elmination of failures
  • Further development of the infrastructure according to your wishes and requirements

Steffen Schardt
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