2022 Lünendonk List: DATAGROUP again among Germany’s leading IT service providers

Pliezhausen, 1 June 2022. Last week, market research institute Lünendonk & Hossenfelder published the latest Lünendonk List. Among the leading IT service providers in Germany, DATAGROUP takes sixth place among the Top 10 IT service providers.

Some 90 IT service providers and approx. 140 CIOs were surveyed for the latest lists of Lünendonk & Hossenfelder on the IT market in Germany with the help of comprehensive, qualified questionnaires. It was found that IT service providers have benefited from the accelerated digital transformation in the second year of Covid-19 as well.

What stood out in this survey was the high demand for cloud transformation, IT modernization, data analytics, development of individual software, and digital experience. It is striking that digital transformation has not yet generated its full impact today and, in parts, is being held back by the IT skills shortage. Additionally, the need for IT experts is higher than ever before in the light of catch-up effects driven by the digital transformation – this also means that the “war of talents” in the IT industry will continue.

Having the right talents, IT transformation solutions as well as IT solutions, DATAGROUP’s comprehensive portfolio offers exactly what is needed. Helped by best practices, experienced IT consultants provide their support in transforming existing systems into efficient digital processes and infrastructures. DATAGROUP does not only provide customized solutions but also implements them exactly where needed – in a pragmatic way and at eye level with the customer. The success of this strategy is once again substantiated by the high customer satisfaction and the company’s consistent sales growth.

About the Lünendonk Lists and the Lünendonk Study

The new 2022 Lünendonk Lists “Leading IT Consulting and System Integration Companies in Germany” and “Leading IT Service Companies in Germany” are now available for download (free of charge) under www.luenendonk.de.

Some 90 IT service providers and approx. 140 CIOs of Mittelstand companies as well as large companies and company groups were surveyed for the Lünendonk Study on “The Market for IT Services in Germany” – with special sections on IT Mittelstand and on the leading internal IT service providers. The findings deliver important figures and comprehensive information for the planning of IT service providers and their customers. From July 2022, the study can be downloaded for free under www.luenendonk.de.

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Sarah Berger-Niemann
Corporate Communications