Combining Studies and Full-time Job

Employee Portrait Marcus Schäfer

It is not always easy to pursue an education alongside a fulltime job. Marcus Schäfer, service manager at DATAGROUP, knows it very well, because he has studied alongside his day time job for years.

DATAGROUP Mitarbeiter Marcus Schäfer

Marcus has worked for DATAGROUP for years. He has completed his apprenticeship as IT specialist here. Following positions in technical fields and in project management, he changed to service management. So continuous development is nothing new to him.

“I consider it important to further educate myself on a regular basis. Especially today, and especially in IT, so many things are changing so fast that it is good to leave the traditional path in terms of training and focus on regular continuing training instead, also on the job”, explains Marcus.

For years, Marcus has studied business administration by correspondence course alongside his full-time job. He got up earlier, learned, and drove to work. His studies were paid by DATAGROUP, as the company supports an employee’s efforts to further educate themselves.

“Back then, it certainly was exhausting but it paid off. You gain insights you do not necessarily gain on the job, but which you can put into use afterwards”, explains Marcus, who acquired his business administration degree in 2015.

This flexibility is important in his daily work, as he is the primary contact for his customers. He makes sure that these customers receive the services they ordered and have a partner who supports them in their further development. To this end, he must also look into the customers’ business processes, understand these processes and have an overview of new technologies to advise them as best as possible.

With the constant arrival of new customers from different industries, who have individual requirements, Marcus benefits from his studies and his willingness for further development. “I am glad I could do what I wanted and that my employer will support me when I want to continue my education”, says Marcus.