DATAGROUP Is Awarded Rising Star Among SAP HANA Service Providers

The analysts of Experton and West Trax rated DATAGROUP as ‘rising star’ among the SAP HANA service providers. This is the result of an independent study of the two analyst firms that was published today. This very positive view is primarily based on the takeover of more than 300 IT specialists from Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) by the IT service provider, including more than 100 specialists experienced in SAP HANA.

There is no question: DATAGROUP put itself in a leading position among the SAP HANA service providers virtually right away by taking over the IT experts from HPE. As such, the Pliezhausen-based company follows its future strategy DATAGROUP 2020 which, among others, provides for significant growth in SAP HANA. Since September 1, 2016, the IT service provider has more than 100 very experienced experts in this area, including over 60 with a SAP HANA certification. Consequently, one of the largest SAP HANA teams in the German provider landscape is working under the roof of DATAGROUP. These specialists have gained considerable experience from a multitude of projects for international companies and corporations from both industry and trade. They currently secure operations of more than 140 SAP HANA databases both on DATAGROUP’s hosting structure and the customers’ infrastructure. The data volume of the managed HANA databases amounts to more than 200 terabytes. Under these aspects, the assessment of Experton’s and West Trax’s analysts does not come as a surprise.

The analysts have not yet been able to account for the actual performance of DATAGROUP’s SAP HANA team in the “SAP HANA Service Provider Vendor Benchmark 2017“, as the takeover of the HPE specialists was announced after the survey’s end in July. Therefore, the IT service provider is specified as “follower” in the current Benchmark and thus well below its actual significance in the SAP HANA service provider market. To avoid a distorted presentation in the market the analysts rated DATAGROUP as “rising star” after the HPE deal had been announced and implemented. They intend to express that the service provider is well on track to be among the top providers within 12 to 24 months. At the time the award is received, a “rising star” should have a promising portfolio and the necessary roadmap with the respective focus on the most important market trends and customer requirements, as explained by Experton. Additionally, such a company should have an excellent management that maintains an understanding of the local market. Apparently, both of the above is the case at DATAGROUP.
“We are very pleased about the qualification as “rising star”, says DATAGROUP CEO Max H.-H. Schaber: “Our customers notably benefit from the expertise of our very experienced SAP HANA specialists. After our extended competence became known we have been receiving an increasing number of inquiries related to SAP HANA from industrial and trading companies of the Mittelstand. We are now able to offer them further developed, flexible and scalable solutions in the areas of operation, data migration but increasingly also in the introduction of SAP HANA and the consulting services.”

The customers’ operations particularly benefit from the fact that DATAGROUP’s services are “made in Germany”: The data centres for SAP HANA are located at the world’s largest internet hub in Frankfurt am Main and are certified in accordance with the highest safety standards, as are all of DATAGROUP’s data centres. The services range from infrastructure solutions on shared environments to dedicated customer-specific solutions.