DATAGROUP Publishes Q3 Figures for FY 2015/2016

10:56, Disclosure of an inside information according to Article 17 MAR

DATAGROUP AG (WKN A0JC8S) has accelerated its pace of growth in Q3 of FY 2015/2016 while significantly boosting operating earnings. The IT service provider notably increased its revenues by 22% to EUR 44.0m (previous year EUR 36.1m). The core business with IT services grew strongly by 15% to EUR 33.0m (previous year EUR 28.9m), trading revenues jumped by 51% to EUR 10.9m (previous year EUR 7.2m) thanks to lucrative major orders in connection with long-term IT outsourcing contracts.

DATAGROUP’s earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) also grew at a double-digit rate. EBITDA was up 13% to EUR 3.5m (previous year EUR 3.1m), as were earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT), which rose to EUR 1.9m (previous year EUR 1.7m, +13%).

Earnings after taxes are burdened by one-time extraordinary tax expenses and related interest expenses in the total amount of some EUR 1.2m. This is attributable to the expected result of an audit, according to which a profit-and-loss transfer agreement between companies of the DATAGROUP group, which was cancelled in 2012, is to be classified as non-tax deductible with retroactive effect. The management of DATAGROUP AG considers this assessment to be incorrect and announced they would appeal against the expected tax assessments. Third quarter results after taxes fell to TEUR -502 (previous year TEUR 776) due to the extraordinary tax and interest expenses. This corresponds to earnings per share (EPS) of -7 cents (previous year 10 cents).

Based on the strong operating performance and the successful takeover of employees and services from Hewlett Packard Enterprise the management confirms the guidance for the fiscal year 2015/2016, expecting revenues of EUR 167-175m, an EBITDA of EUR 15.5-20m and an EPS of 66-100 cent per share. DATAGROUP will publish the complete interim report for the third quarter of the fiscal year as a follow-up to this announcement.

Explanations on the key figures used can be found in the Annual Financial Report 2014/2015 of DATAGROUP AG on pages IV, 36-40 and 84.

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