Success with Joy – From the Beginning

Interview with Roland Bihler

What are typical tasks in your daily business?

Listen, decide, organize. Talk.

What was the biggest challenge in your career?

The merger and the integration of new companies and people.

What event in your career makes you particularly proud?

The IPO of DATAGROUP in 2006.

What is the one thing you cannot do without in your working life?

My colleagues.

When did you start working for DATAGROUP and what is your position today?

Since January 1, 1994. Managing Director of DATAGROUP Stuttgart GmbH.

How many people do you manage today?

160 employees.

How did you join DATAGROUP?

In 1994 through a management-buy-in of the former DATANET GmbH.

What do you appreciate most about DATAGROUP?

I particularly appreciate the successful development in the last 20 years alongside many great people.

Characterize yourself with three keywords / in one sentence.

Pleasure in life and at work.

What is a situation that still makes you sweat today?

Sports in many forms.

Do you have a life motto?

Carpe diem.

From today’s point of view: What advice do you wish you had received as a novice at DATAGROUP?

After more than 20 years: Caution, you will be very successful!


DATAGROUP in five years – Where is it taking us? Three keywords.

Growth. Many exciting new topics. Success.

What personal goals will you set for the future at DATAGROUP?

Strategic alignment of my company, DATAGROUP Stuttgart, to the DATAGROUP 2025 corporate strategy.

What would you advise to someone in their early twenties, who is currently looking for a job and is interested in IT?

Join DATAGROUP – It’s great.

Thank you very much for this interview Mr. Bihler!

Roland Bihler

Graduate economist, at DATAGROUP since 1994. Senior Sales Representative AC Service AG (today All for One) from 1988 to 1993. From 1993 to 1994 Sales Manager Bechtle AG; 1994 to 2006 Managing Director DATANET GmbH. From 2006 to 2011 member of the executive board of DATAGROUP AG. Today Managing Director of DATAGROUP Stuttgart GmbH.