Mobile-supported Maintenance with OPRA for RATIONAL AG

RATIONAL, one of the leading manufacturers of kitchen appliances for commercial kitchens, relies on the SAP-based maintenance solution OPRA from DATAGROUP for its maintenance. The mobile solution can be used directly where the maintenance staff needs it: On site in the plant. Intuitive interfaces and simple prioritization of tasks enable RATIONAL to make maintenance more efficient.

Support for Maintenance Staff Directly on Site

The OPRA maintenance solution is based 100% on SAP technology and was therefore easy to integrate into the existing SAP system landscape at RATIONAL. It was important for the company that the solution could be used on a mobile basis so that the maintenance staff, who move around a lot in the plant, are supported directly on site. OPRA meets this requirement with intuitive apps that make paper-based maintenance processes superfluous. This allows the maintenance technician to view all necessary information directly on site at the machine and provide feedback via the app. This also ensures that the latest information is always available in real time in RATIONAL’s systems, as manual transfer of the data is no longer required.

Individual Prioritization

RATIONAL has a comprehensive priority concept. As standard, three priorities can be selected in SAP: High, Medium and Low. However, RATIONAL has individual, specific prioritizations. With the help of OPRA, all messages in the system can be prioritized accordingly and transferred to the mobile devices by the maintenance staff. The maintenance staff can sort the list of their tasks by priority so that they can see at a glance the tasks with the highest priority, group them and process them accordingly.

Henriette Wander
+49 731 93542-815

»With the help of OPRA, our maintenance has become easier and more efficient. At the same time, the solution is so intuitive that we very rarely have to rely on DATAGROUP’s support.«


For over 46 years, RATIONAL has been committed to providing its customers with the best tools for cooking. When they started out in 1973 with just 18 employees, no one suspected that this resolution would be the basis of a success story.

RATIONAL does not see itself purely as a machine builder, but as an innovative solution provider. Their first and last thought is the satisfaction of their customers. This vision has made RATIONAL the global market and technology leader. As a result, 140 million meals are prepared in RATIONAL appliances around the world every day.

With over 1,000,000 appliances on the market, their cooking systems have become the standard in professional kitchens around the world. The fact that they are on the right track is confirmed by 98% of their customers in the relevant markets of Germany, the UK and the USA in the 2018 Kantar TNS study: they would recommend RATIONAL to others.