Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Services

With our EDI service, we enable you to exchange data smoothly, securely and without interruption between various systems – whether between SAP systems, SAP to nonSAP or between non-SAP systems.

The efficient cooperation with partners, service providers and customers stands and falls with the reliable and secure exchange of documents and data (EDI). The connection and networking of systems plays a major role here, as these applications are often part of complex information networks involving a wide range of partners. Our CORBOX service enables easy exchange in this case.

We provide all common protocols and interfaces on our EDI platform:

  • Support of all important industry standards for data exchange (EDIFACT, IDoc, VDA, Fortras, XML and many more)
  • Support of all common technical interfaces (FTP, OFTP, SMTP, SFTP, FTPS, OFTP2, GXS, X 400, web services, AS2 etc.)
  • Support of SAP BC and SAP PI
  • Provision of mailboxes (GXS, X400), FTP server and Exchange

With us you will find the best technical solution for your requirements. This enables us to set up and support your partner profiles quickly and easily on the appropriate system. We implement the necessary interfaces at your and your partners’ premises in consultation with the respective departments.

Our services also include all services necessary for smooth data exchange:

  • Data conversion
  • Monitoring the exchange of messages with the partners
  • Correction of technical errors
  • Provision and operation of routers and modems
  • Coordination of the EDI partners
  • EDI Consulting
  • Migration / Consolidation
  • Creation of EDI guidelines and mapping specifications

Optionally, we also take care of content problems right into the application. The EDI environment can be located in your data center or can be obtained from the DATAGROUP Private Cloud as a shared or dedicated resource provided for you. You do not have to worry about anything, because we take care of the continuous operation.

SAP EDI Services – Your Advantages at a Glance

  • Enormous cost and time savings in daily operation
  • EDI platform for efficient, secure and smooth exchange of documents and data
  • Extensive support of various systems, protocols and interfaces
  • Mapping of partner profiles and data conversion
  • Correction of technical errors during data exchange
  • Support in solving content related problems right into the application (optional)

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