Mobile Device Management

With our Mobile Device Management (MDM) Service, we take over the central administration, configuration, backup and monitoring of mobile devices for your company, thus efficiently protecting sensitive data and increasing overall data security.

Data protection and compliance when mobile end devices are unmonitored pose a major threat to your data security. Smartphones and tablets are central means of communication and are part of the work equipment. Emails, contacts, customer and product information as well as other confidentioal or personal data are processed and stored on the go. A common vulnerability is, for example, the loss of a mobile device and the access of unauthorized persons to sensitive data. Private and business use on the same smartphone (BYOD) also poses legal problems for businesses.

With our Mobile Device Management we offer you the central management of all mobile devices. Depending on the platform (iOS or Android) and version of the operating system, you can register devices via our MDM and automatically configure them based on company policy.

Lost mobile devices can be locked or deleted remotely. Binding security policies and rules for all devices ensure compliance, data security and data protection. Optionally, you can roll out apps through your own Enterprise App Store or even put the devices into kiosk or single-app mode, where the user can only use the predefined application.

Furthermore, the DATAGROUP Mobile Device Management supports both the VPP (Volume Purchase Program) and DEP (Device Enrolment Program) in the rollout of the devices.

The scope of our MDM services includes:

  • Operation of the infrastructure
  • Provision of the necessary software and hardware
  • Monitoring and optimizing the platform
  • Patch and Release Management
  • Support of users through second leven support

Optionally, you can also add our Service Desk and End User Services. Additionally, by using a container app, you can segregate private and business data (mail, contacts, notes, calendars, tasks, browsers and documents). The app can be managed and configured centrally via our Mobile Device Management.

Mobile Device Management – Your Advantages at a Glance

  • More security and control when using mobile devices
  • Increase cost-effectiveness through better transparency and volume control
  • Lock or delete remotely in case of loss or misuse
  • Monitor and enforce security and compliance rules
  • Delivery of apps via your own Enterprise App Store (optional)
  • Kiosk-/Single-App mode for the limited use of applications


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