Managed Kubernetes

Container technologies have long since become established. Suitable for a wide variety of scenarios, modern software development preferably takes place on container platforms. However, setting up and operating such a container architecture presents companies with numerous challenges. An experienced IT service provider can provide reliable support here.

Why Kubernetes?

Container technologies offer numerous advantages because they allow applications and everything needed to run an application to be packaged and isolated. This allows applications to be moved easily, quickly, and fully functional, such as from one host to another, a development environment to a production environment, or from one cloud provider to another. The containerized applications are also very easy to replicate, deploy and extend. Updates can be installed continuously without impacting the availability of the overall system for your company or your employees.

Kubernetes One Stop Shop: Perfect Solution for Your Business

From consulting to infrastructure operations to application management, we offer the full range of Kubernetes services so you can choose the solution that perfectly fits you and your business. As a consulting partner, we are happy to assist you in analyzing and testing your project.


Whether you want to set up a complex container solution in a multi-cloud environment, containerize and cloudify individual applications or align new software with container technology from the start: our experienced experts will support you. With the help of DATAGROUP consultants, you can get the most out of your Kubernetes environment and avoid mistakes.

  • Experienced Kubernetes experts
  • Support for numerous application scenarios: whether complex multi-cloud environment or individual container applications
  • Best practices for cloudification of applications

Private, Public or Hybrid Operation

DATAGROUP supports numerous operating scenarios, completely adapted to the needs of our customers. Whether you want to operate your Kubernetes environment in the DATAGROUP private cloud, in a public cloud or in a hybrid environment – we offer you the right solution and manage the operation, so that you can fully concentrate on your core business. From the conception, including sizing of your Kubernetes environment, to the provision of the necessary resources, to the management of diverse environments, we make sure that your systems work.

  • Operation in the DATAGROUP Private Cloud or a Public Cloud
  • Orchestration of even complex hybrid environments
  • Simple and fast provision of the necessary resources, tailored to your company’s needs

Application Management

Containerized applications have many advantages, but they also need regular maintenance. Our application management experts take care of everything related to your Kubernetes applications: from the development of cloud-native applications, to the advancement of existing applications or the cloudification of legacy systems, to the maintenance and support of the applications.

  • Cloud-native application development
  • Containerization of monolithic applications
  • Further development of existing applications
  • Application support including fault management, second level support and third party management
  • Operation and maintenance of containerized applications

Managed Kubernetes with DATAGROUP – Your Advantages at a Glance

  • One stop shop for your Kubernetes and container needs: from consulting to operations to application management.
  • In-depth expert know-how for an optimal setup of your Kubernetes solution
  • Operation on the system of your choice: in the DATAGROUP private cloud, a public cloud or in a hybrid model
  • Perfectly tailored to the needs of your company
  • Monitoring and logging of infrastructure and applications
  • Continuous Deployment: automated deployment of applications
  • No downtime during application updates

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