Managed Cloud Tenant

Microsoft 365 offers you an incredible variety of usage options, allowing companies to flexibly align the solution to their needs. But that also means that the configuration options are correspondingly numerous.

The basis for a Microsoft 365 environment that perfectly fits your business processes is the Cloud Tenant. With the CORBOX Managed Cloud Tenant, we take over the management, administration and maintenance of the tenant in the Microsoft Cloud for you. This also includes the central management of tenants, resources and subscriptions, as well as a flexible role and policy model.

Perfectly Prepared for Hybrid Cloud Models

With the CORBOX Managed Cloud Tenant you are well prepared for hybrid cloud scenarios. Here you can combine the CORBOX services from the private cloud in the DATAGROUP Data Center with the public cloud services of a hyperscaler according to your needs.

Our Managed Cloud Tenant services – so you have the environment you need for business success.

Initial setup of the tenant

  • Office365 service hardening
  • Retention policy configuration
  • Configuration of alerting via actions within the tenant according to DATAGROUP standard
  • Configuration for dealing with guests
  • Access management
    • Setup of the basic cloud role model according to the least privilege principle
    • Setup of simple conditional access to the cloud according to DATAGROUP standard (optional customer-specific configuration)
    • Setup of multi-factor authentication (DATAGROUP standard MFA configuration, optional customer-specific configuration)
  • Optional:
    • Implementation of ComplianceData Governance
      • Data Privacy
      • Data Management (Lifecycle, Retention)
      • Data Protection (Classification)
      • Data Loss Protection (DLP)
      • Configuration of ISO and/or data protection policies
    • Perform setup of security features based on Azure AD Premium P2 Plans

Tenant Management

  • Azure AD Connect (ADD) management: Synchronizes user accounts and allows simultaneous use of one identity for on-premises Microsoft Active Directory based on Windows Server and Azure Active Directory.
  • Cost, license and subscription management
  • Invoice management (CSP customers only)
  • Escalation management towards the cloud provider
  • Service monitoring (monitoring & alerting)
  • Message monitoring of the message center on news, updates and major change affecting the customer’s tenant.
  • Reporting

Security Management

  • Security Center and Secure Score (Security Best Practices)
  • Management and monitoring of compliance and security policies (Compliance Center)

Access Management

  • Management of the base cloud role model according to least privilege principle
  • Management of conditional access to the cloud
  • Multi-factor authentication management (DATAGROUP standard MFA configuration)

Managed Cloud Tenant – Your Advantages at a Glance

  • Initial setup of the tenant based on individual needs as well as DATAGROUP standards
  • Secure basis for further public cloud services
  • Regular auditing of security and compliance

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