Managed Cloud Tenant

Benefit from the advantages of a public cloud with our CORBOX Managed Cloud service and avoid the high administrative burden that is associated with an increasing complexity.

Whether a pure public cloud or a hybrid model made up of external and internal cloud – the advantages such as flexibility, scalability and the provider’s latest hardware are compelling. At the same time, security concerns and the high administrative burden may be discouraging.

Thanks to our service you can make optimal use of the public cloud in a secure way, also in hybrid models.

Managed Cloud Tenant – Our Services

  • Management of services, licenses, invoices, clompliance, security and change processes
  • Administration of user identities, roles and access authorizations
  • User support via a central Service Desk
  • Management of partners or related services in hybrid scenarios

With our Managed Cloud Tenant services you can use the public cloud infrastructure optimally and flexibly.

DATAGROUP manages clients, so-called tenants, separately from each other on a shared cloud infrastructure. A tenant is the basis for the registration and the subscription of applications and cloud services. 
We set up the respective authorizations for every user so you will benefit from the assurance that no user can access functions for which access has not been granted.

With the DATAGROUP Managed Cloud Tenant service you benefit from a high level of security in the public cloud and can also download applications on the public cloud that require high protection.

Furthermore, the Managed Cloud Tenant is the basis for hybrid cloud scenarios in which our “cloud-enabled” CORBOX services from a private cloud in the DATAGROUP data center can be combined with public cloud services.

The supported cloud-enabled services are Managed Active Directory, Managed Server, Managed Storage and Backup & Restore.

Managed Cloud Tenant – Your Advantages at a Glance

  • High scalability, flexibility and extension options
  • Full cost control and transparency via access rights and use
  • High level of data protection and data security according to standards such as ISO, ISAE or BSI
  • Separation of primary and secondary business processes thanks to flexible use of the cloud
  • Allows the use of cloud services even in case of a high level of protection and particular security requirements
  • Management and maintenance of tenants in the most diverse cloud scenarios

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