SAP on Azure

SAP on Azure helps you to benefit from the huge flexibility of the Microsoft Azure cloud for your ERP system, combined with DATAGROUP’s extensive SAP expertise. As the central system in your company, SAP benefits from the high availability, flexibility and efficiency in the cloud; properties which are crucial for a successful company.

Taking Advantage of Digitization with SAP in the Cloud

Digitization also means fast adaptability to changed requirements, being able to easily share information between different systems, and having data and associated insights available everywhere and at any time.

By migrating your SAP system to the Microsoft Azure cloud, you can achieve all of this and secure valuable competitive advantages. The cloud enables you to quickly scale resources at peak periods – and to reduce them again when they are no longer needed. This way you will always have the appropriate capacities for your requirements.

Azure offers more than 50 worldwide regions, so you can make your SAP infrastructures available wherever you need them. Latencies thus will become a thing of the past.

You will avoid data silos and have a holistic view on your company thanks to the rapid exchange of information between the individual systems. We assist you in analyzing your usage behavior and optimize your processes prior to the migration to create workflows and information flows that are perfectly tailored to your needs.

Azure’s additional functions help you to analyze large data volumes, add machine learning and many more to obtain valuable information.

Microsoft and SAP – a Partnership Prepared for the Future

Microsoft and SAP have been business partners for more than 25 years. The Azure cloud has been certified by SAP (also for high HANA loads) and both companies develop joint road maps. You can rest assured that your SAP system will have a reliable environment on Azure – now and in the future. Collaboration and further development are the focus of both companies.

DATAGROUP’s Value-Added Model Guarantees the Best Result

Our SAP on Azure service will migrate your SAP system to the cloud in a secure and carefree way. With more than 500 SAP experts and over 30 Azure experts, DATAGROUP combines its long-standing experience in managing SAP solutions with the possibilities and advantages of the Microsoft cloud.

SAP on Azure builds upon the proven CORBOX SAP Operation & Hosting service and delivers the established CORBOX service level for SAP, also on the basis of the Azure public cloud. You can rely on a uniform SAP service for hybrid models as well.

We are your one-stop shop for all requirements centered around SAP and the cloud. From consulting and design to set-up and migration of your systems to the cloud, followed by their management including cloud orchestration, we provide everything from a single source. We know the challenges, the additional functions and best practices and will ensure that you get the most out of your SAP system in the cloud.


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SAP on Azure with DATAGROUP – Your Advantages at a Glance

  • Extensive expertise with over 500 SAP experts and over 30 Azure experts
  • Established service levels and end-to-end responsibility
  • Maximum flexibility and global availability of the Azure cloud
  • Rapid scaling whenever there is a change in your resource needs
  • DATAGROUP one-stop shop: From consulting, set-up, lift & shift to management from a single source
  • Cloud orchestration
  • Conversion of CAPEX services to OPEX
  • Usage-based, flexible and transparent billing models according to actual usage


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