SAP Private Cloud

Use our SAP Operating service for reliable and cost-effective operation of your SAP solution.

With our many years of experience, we can take over the SAP basic operation as well as the maintenance of the SAP landscape for you through regular updates of the operating system, database and SAP application. Challenging SAP projects and SAP future topics are in the right hands with us.

This service is available from DATAGROUP in various forms, tailored to your needs.

In the DATAGROUP SAP Private Cloud you benefit from the virtualization of both the SAP databases and the SAP application instances. Our system architecture offers our customers a high degree of flexibility and enables a fast adaptation to changing needs. Thus, you can use your SAP systems flexibly, because no matter if load peaks or additional demand for system copies or test systems – we provide the necessary capacities, dynamically provide CPU power and main memory and allocate memory to the SAP systems and remove it again when it is no longer used.

The DATAGROUP SAP Private Cloud solution combines the latest virtualization techniques with high-performance storage solutions and centralized backup. You also do not have to worry about availability, because the DATAGROUP SAP Private Cloud is georedundantly distributed over two data centers with a distance of 10 km. If required, the georedundancy can be extended to more than 200 km distance in a third data center.

Direct contact with our SAP experts ensures short distances in day-to-day business and when planning changes and projects.

Our SAP service portal offers our customers real-time information from monitoring and the possibility to order directly from a catalog of services.

Build your SAP system environment with the DATAGROUP private cloud solution on a smart foundation at transparent costs.

SAP Operating in der DATAGROUP SAP Private Cloud – Your Advantages at a Glance

  • SAP basis operation and maintenance of SAP landscapes
  • Highly flexible and available SAP environment in the DATAGROUP Private Cloud for dynamic business processes
  • More than 20 years of SAP operations and project experience
  • Dynamic allocation of CPU power, RAM and storage
  • Named experts for the technical concerns of our customers
  • Service portal with real-time information and ordering function
  • SAP authorization management (optional)
  • Central service for job control (optional)
  • Central service for SAP Adobe Document Service (optional)
  • Central service for SAP Solution Manager (optional)

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