Data Security

Our Data Security CORBOX service helps you to get an overview of your network and detect potential attacks or vulnerabilities more quickly.

With this solution you can centrally analyze logfiles of domain controllers and file servers in order to check, for example, whether objects or sectors effectively only have those authorization which are necessary for their daily work.

You should then assign the rights according to the principle of least privilege, which significantly increases data security. The reports made available by Data Security are also an excellent basis for internal and external audits.

Use our Data Security to quickly identify and prevent threats such as ransomware attacks, and to increase the security of your company.

Further optional components for your data security

  • Alert and termination of suspicious activity, e.g. mass encryption of data
  • Integration of Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) for a central further processing of reported events
  • Self-service portal for quick and easy management of authorizations
  • Data classification – Identify highly sensitive data in the file system, for instance to comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation

The combination of different modules also provides additional advantages. For instance, you can define specific alerts in the event of conspicuous accesses to data which is categorized as sensitive.

Data Security – Your Advantages at a Glance

  • Central monitoring of directory services and file servers
  • Full transparency of all activities and rights on the controllers and servers
  • Support of the principle of least privilege for maximal data security
  • Alert in the event of potentially damaging user behavior, e.g. a suspicious data encryption through ransomware (optional)
  • Integration in SIEM environments (optional)
  • Data classification to identify highly sensitive data (optional)

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