Aerospace & Defense

DATAGROUP has been serving government and industrial customers from the defense sector for many years. This includes companies of the defense supply industry.

As a full-service provider, DATAGROUP offers a modularly scalable state-of-the-art IT operation “as-a-service” via flexible and hybrid delivery models. These operating models cover  environments with restricted access as well as mixed systems of regular networks and restricted environments. Thanks to decades of expertise as a data center operator, all areas such as technology, housing, hosting and services meet the highest security standards.

Certified and security-checked administrators support complex migration and transformation projects, service takeovers and optimizations to ensure secure and efficient operations. Here, too, the service is provided entirely from Germany, from the beginning to the service desk.

Service quality is permanently monitored and regularly certified by independent institutes (ISO27001 according to BSI Grundschutz, ISO 20000, ISO 9001ff).

The industry-specific solutions and services in the areas of DefenseCloud, Integrated Logistic Support, Mobile Device Management, VPN/Network, License Management and Mobile Micro Datacenter have one thing in common: they are always managed, secure andcompliant with requirements for restricted access and classified information.

Andreas Wiewel
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Defense Cloud

In the future, our workwill be dominated by hybrid working models. Companies in the defense industry are facing significantly increased demands here. Cloud-based services such as hosting, service outsourcing, collaboration, scaling of IT environments and compute-intensive AI processes are a building block of hybrid collaboration models. However,  the defense environment has high requirements associated with these services.These  make special cloud solutions necessary.

The services of the DefenseCloud are provided in their entirety completely and geo-redundantly from Germany. Here, DATAGROUP can draw on decades of expertise as a data center operator and full managed service provider with a strong reputation. Technology, housing, hosting and services meet the highest security standards.

As a data center operator, it is our daily business to provide the best possible protection against current and rapidly spreading threats. With the help of comprehensive security services, potential attacks and possible incidents can be detected at an early stage and countermeasures initiated. The strict logical and physical separation of DefenseCloud Services from the other services prevents data being compromised through other attack scenarios.

In the DATAGROUP Defense Cloud, the data is protected during the entire processing, from transfer to storage and further processing. At the end of the lifecycle, the data is also deleted or physically destroyed according to secure and certified methods.

Conformity with GDPR and requirements of restricted accessare just as much a standard as BSI basic protection according to ISO 27001.

Mobile Micro Data Center

The DATAGROUP Mobile Micro Data Center is a relocatable and highly mobile all-in-one data center, based on e.g. standard sea containers. Highly expandable, it can be operated in all climate zones worldwide.

The Mobile Micro Data Center includes the complete hardware & software stack to provide a fully autonomous, decentralized infrastructure for secure IT operations. This also includes the equipment with the necessary protection classes to ensure full protection of the systems.

The conception of the Mobile Micro Data Center aims at maximum flexibility with regard to the place of operation as well as immediate commissioning. This includes a variable equipment of system resources and scalability according to the respective requirements.

The system landscape is connected to the respective user environment via a network stack. Optionally, we integrate further certified encryption solutions.

The Mobile Micro Data Centers is offered as a complete solution including full takeover of operations (as-a-service).

Our customers thus benefit from our decades of expertise in the operation of data centers.

Our Mobile Micro Data Centers can be fully integrated into restricted environments.

Restricted Classified Information Consulting

In today’s digital world, security of information is of prime importance.

As a result of official regulations, there are even more stringent requirements to data security and processing of data when it comes to classified information, depending on the level of classification. This mainly applies to defense and aerospace.

In addition to our portfolio of fully managed IT services which are compliant with restricted classified information, we provide our customers with the corresponding consulting services focused on directives related to classified information, ISO27001 on the basis of IT baseline protection and protection of classified information.

These include but are not restricted to:

  • Advice on creating a certifiable information network / IT environment and implementation support
  • Advice on preparing or achieving ISO 27001 certification on the basis of IT baseline protection and CON 11.1 if necessary
  • Analysis of existing IT environment with a view to appropriate conformity
  • Advice on creating IT environments compliant with directives related to classified information and implementation support
  • Advice on creating concepts of operations compliant with directives related to classified information
  • Conduct of risk analysis
  • Advice on structure analysis, protection needs assessment, modelling of systems and IT baseline protection check
  • Support in conceptual design and implementation of a compliant infrastructure design
  • Advice on strategic topics related to the implementation of directives related to classified information

Fieldservice / On-Site Support in Classified Environments

Especially for client and onsite support, DATAGROUP has a staff with excellent know-how and special knowledge due to a multitude of similar reference projects. The field service employees are  trained in dealing with restricted access and SÜG certified. This enables a smooth integration of the Field Service into restricted environments.

By using this specialized staff, a fast synchronization with the customer’s processes can be achieved. We rely on tools that enable a paperless, electronic service process between service staff in the field and the back office.

A main focus of the client support is the high availability of the supported hardware base and the software  and system environment. In a continuous process, the experiences are then consistently queried in feedback rounds and user surveys and, if necessary, readjusted in order to achieve a high level of user satisfaction.

All of DATAGROUP’s processes underlying the provision of services are certified according to ISO 20000.  The standardized processes and the resulting routines of service provision lead to effectiveness and efficiency.

Firewall / VPN Services in Classified Environments

For the administrators and employees of our customers, we provide highly secure, high-performance remote access to restricted working environments. For this purpose, DATAGROUP exclusively uses hardware components certified for use in classified environments.

The service portfolio includes:

  • Provision of a managed service including the necessary hardware and software for management system
  • BSI-compliant firewall and VPN applications
  • BSI-compliant hard disk encryption
  • Professional service management
  • Support services for setup and implementation

Lifecycle Support Analysis (LSA) / Integrated Logistic Support (ILS)

Procurement programs in the defense environment have shown over time that the pure procurement costs of a system are around 20% – 40%, while the costs for operation and maintenance account for the remaining 60% – 80% of the total costs.

The basis of a cost calculation over the lifetime of a system is the Logistic Support Analysis (LSA). This LSA is developed and built in the design phase of a project in parallel with the project progress.

With a very long service life, the continuous availability of such systems must be ensured. This is ultimately the basis for operational readiness. However, as components may be discontinued by suppliers over time, obsolescence management is required in advance. This, too, has its basis in LSA.

The Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) area builds on the data from the LSA and presents a detailed list of the expected costs, already in the project phase. This makes the relationship between procurement and utilization costs transparent. Preventive maintenance measures, which are at the core of the ILS, enable highly stressed components and groups to be replaced at an early stage, thus ensuring the long-term availability of systems without unexpected downtimes. Applicable standards for the ILS are the NATO standard MILD-STD 1388 or S2000M and, in the future, S3000L.

DATAGROUP is ideally positioned with its ILS team to support customers in this regard. With LBase, MH, ILSView, ILMOSS, AMOSS and ELMASS, our portfolio consists of widely used ILS management software solutions. In the future, we will be able to offer our customers a newly developed cloud and collaboration-capable environment with L/SA-DILS, which already covers the future S3000L standard.

DATAGROUP as a full-managed service provider offers full support, starting with the selection of the optimal model, the determination of the logistical requirements for it, the selection and provision of the optimal KPIs, as well as the integration for overarching processes.

ILS Consulting

We advise you on the possibilities and prerequisites of the standards, from the optimal realization and implementation to process consulting for their implementation.

IT Consulting

This includes not only consulting on the selection and use of appropriate solutions, but also on their integration into your company’s IT landscape and processes. The requirements for this complex topic are often very customer-specific – we can provide you with meaningful support on the way to an optimal and sustainable solution.

ILS Solutions

Our solutions from LSA to ASD S2000M/S3000L have been used by our customers for many years. Our main focus is certainly in the area of material supply and maintenance. Together with the solutions of our partners, we cover ILS in its entirety and can offer you the corresponding optimal solutions for your specific situation and requirements.


Only by integrating ILS processes and systems is it possible to optimize their use. For this purpose, we analyze your ILS situation with regard to the required demand, specify your target architecture and also support you in the selection and introduction of additional systems and tools. This also includes the planning, project management and execution of implementation, migration and change management.