Corporate Headquarters Pliezhausen

Our Energy Concept at DATAGROUP’s Headquarters

When it comes to dealing with employees, customers and suppliers, DATAGROUP’s main principles are transparency, open communication, flat hierarchies, respect for the environment and resources. These principles are reflected in the energy concept at the headquarters in Pliezhausen.

Ecology and economy were the key issues in the planning and construction of the building.

Our headquarter is heated by geothermal energy. The ducts around the building allow fresh air in, which is then distributed in the offices by small fans. Due to geothermal heating, the air temperature stays constant at 14° – 16 °C. The air flowing through the ducts is pre-heated in winter and cooled in summer. The cooling energy is solely extracted from the ground.

There is also a waterfall in our headquarters which serves as a further cooling element and humidifier. In the summer heat, 600 liters of water vaporize per day and can lower the room temperature by 2°C.

Our energy concept is based on the sun and solar energy. The building’s outer facade is constructed with wide overhanging eaves and balconies, which allow indirect sunlight into the offices, minimal or no reflection on screens and a pleasant light for working.

The glass roof of the building was designed with a tilt angle to enable the heat to be vented efficiently through window hatches.

The DATAGROUP headquarters was designed in collaboration with the architectural firm Kauffmann Theilig & Partner. In 1997 the DATAGROUP building was awarded the Hugo Häring Architectural Award.

“I never wanted to work in an ugly, grey, square concrete building and wouldn’t ever expect that of our employees. Our company culture is based on transparency and open communication and this feeling is conveyed in the architecture of the building.”

Max H.-H. Schaber, CEO

About the Hugo-Häring Award

The Hugo Häring Award is an architectural award for exemplary construction in Baden-Württemberg. Since 1969 and named after the architect Hugo Haring, the National Association of Baden-Württemberg of German Architects (BDA) presents this award every three years to builders and architects for their collaborative and exemplary work on joint projects.


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