Hunting for Java Talents

Are you a computer scientist and want to become a Java specialist? Are you interested in joining IT industry as a newcomer? Or do you know someone to whom this applies? Then the Java academy by DATAGROUP and Triona is just right for you.

At our Java Academy in Mainz, we will train you within a few months to become a Java expert with a job guaranteed.

Open to Different Backgrounds

The Academy is open to people with all kinds of backgrounds. We are looking for computer scientists who have no background in Java or those who want to refresh knowledge they acquired years ago. The academy is also open to newcomers, who so far had little to do with IT in their career. The only prerequisites are an affinity for IT and the willingless to burrow into the subject of Java.

“As a newcomer in software development and IT consulting, I was well prepared by the Java Academy for the tasks of a developer. I especially liked the fact that I was not only confronted with the programming language, but also with the daily tasks of a software developer. ” says Sandro Kowollik, a graduate chemist who successfully graduated from the Java Academy in 2018.

Professional Education With a Focus on Practice

Quality and individuality are at the forefront of the Java Academy. The training takes place in small groups, but each participant gets an individual training plan that is tailored to their own experience and knowledge. That is why the duration of the academy varies – from a few weeks to a year, with an average of three months.

The academy’s trainers come from the field, work at DATAGROUP or Triona and bring a wealth of practical experience to the training. In addition to the pure programming language, participants also learn communicative skills that they can use in their later work. Because there, they are not only pure developers, but also IT consultants who are in close contact with our customers.

Excellent Prospects for Graduates

The costs of the academy are borne by us. Not only that, we also pay you a salary while training at the academy. After graduation, graduates will find a secure permanent position with DATAGROUP, one of Germany’s leading IT service providers.

Are you interested or do you know someone for whom the Java Academy would be perfect? Then find out more about the academy and the application process under

WhatsApp/SMS: 0175 1880 188


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